Make yoga a part of your everyday life




Yoga - Track Yoga is an app that encourages you to adopt yoga as a daily habit. It's sure to improve your health and general sense of wellbeing, but as per usual while this app might work wonders, it doesn't do miracles, and it can't do yoga postures for you, which is why for it to be effective you'll still need to set your intention and keep up a decent amount of willpower.

What Yoga - Track Yoga will do is help you become more constant in your practice or with any specific yoga routine that you want to take on. From your user profile, you choose the number of times you want to do yoga every week, and it'll notify you personally on days that you've marked. Thanks to this feature, you're guaranteed not forget your daily practice.

As is common with this type of apps, Yoga - Track Yoga has a number of different sequences and yoga routines for all different levels. No matter how long you've been practicing yoga, whether it's been years since you started, or if today's your first time, you'll find activities that are suitable and all of them come with a explanatory video.

Yoga - Track Yoga is a good yoga app that has a simple and elegant interface allowing for a number of very interesting and useful features.